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Types of Drug Treatment Programs

Drug Rehab

Since drug addiction is such a serious and complex disease, there is no one type of treatment method that works for everybody 100% of the time. While a 12 step program might work for some people, other patients may benefit more from a holistic or faith based drug rehab approach. Because drug addiction affects many different kinds of people, throughout all walks of life, there are dozens of different types of drug rehab programs and treatments that are specifically suited for a wide range of individuals. Because the purpose of every type of drug rehab program is to help an individual maintain a normal life without the use of drugs or alcohol, the best way to do that should be entirely up to that individual. If they join a program that isn’t best suited for their own individual needs, the treatment will rarely be successful.

Different Types of Drug Rehab Programs

Normally, the type of drug rehab program that is best suited for each patient is based on their degree of addiction, the patient’s social situation, and the kind of drug they are currently addicted to. Some drug addicts with serious, even life-threatening drug addictions will be better served at a residential inpatient drug rehab facility that offers intensive counseling and medically assisted drug detox. While an individual with a moderate drug problem who can’t get away from work or their family for a long period of time, may be better served with a local outpatient program that they can visit a few nights a week and receive treatment.

Different Treatment Philosophies

It is important to remember that different types of drug treatment programs have different philosophies and treatment models they feel best suits their treatment purposes. Many may use the 12 step model, while others may base their entire treatment philosophy around the Bible, or natural holistic therapies. Other drug rehab facilities may use a more medical approach and include medically assisted detox as the centerpiece of the treatment. Others may focus their treatment more on cognitive and behavioral therapy with an emphasis on intensive one-on-counseling. However, most drug treatment centers will use a combination of all of these treatment strategies to come up with the best treatment philosophy for their organization.

Different Kinds of Drug Rehab

There are dozens of different kinds of drug rehab treatment programs including luxury drug rehab for the wealthy and powerful, as well as drug detox and rehab centers that are 100% free. The most common type of drug rehab programs are inpatient, residential rehab programs where the patient will stay at the treatment facility for certain duration of time. There are also many effective outpatient programs where the individual can seek treatment a few days a week, without interrupting their everyday lives. There are also drug rehab programs that are specific to a certain kind of drug like opiates, alcohol, or cocaine, while there are others who will treat any type of drug addiction.

There are drug rehab programs that are based around holistic philosophies towards healing and natural health while others may be based on a certain religion or spiritual component. There are also many excellent dual-diagnosis treatment centers that not only treat the addiction itself, but any mental or physical health problems that may be exacerbating the problem. Regardless of the different type of addiction you’re suffering from, the most important thing you can do for yourself, and your family, is to seek treatment as soon as possible.

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