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Holistic Drug Detox

What is Holistic Drug Rehab?

Holistic drug rehab is based on the belief that to overcome any illness an individual needs treatment for the mind, body, and soul. Drug addiction is no different. Many drug addicts may not realize, but many of their drug problems often stem from unresolved emotional, mental, or spiritual issues they may hardly even be aware of. They may be using drugs to fill a spiritual void or to numb their pain from an emotional crisis or trauma. Holistic drug rehab can help these struggling individuals because it not only treats the symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse, but also the underlying mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects as well.

Holistic Drug Detox

The first step to any holistic drug rehab program is holistic drug detox. Anyone who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol knows that detoxification can be one of the most painful and difficult aspects of drug addiction. Opiate detox is well known for being excruciating, and even in some severe cases of alcoholism, unsupervised detox can even be fatal. But instead of using powerful detox drugs and chemicals that can even be just as addicting as some of most powerful illicit drugs, holistic drug detox uses natural, safe methods that slowly detox the body in a healthy and natural way.

The primary goal of holistic drug detox is to help the patient eliminate all the drug toxins from the body, but in a healthy and natural way. Holistic drug detox helps the patient to avoid invasive, traditional detox methods, while still providing the same 24 hour professional care that one would expect from a drug detox facility.

What Happens at Holistic Drug Detox?

Holistic drug detox provides a safe environment for drug addicts to quickly and naturally get through their terrible withdrawal symptoms, so they can focus on the rest of their holistic rehabilitation. While every holistic drug rehab is different, many use similar detoxification methods and natural forms of therapy such as saunas, herbal supplements, and massages. Holistic detox also encourages a natural diet, juicing, and exercise to help aid in the withdrawal process.

Holistic drug detox can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the severity of the addiction. Also, holistic drug detox generally takes longer because they are using all natural detox remedies and not fast acting drugs and chemicals. However, because holistic drug detox doesn’t use any powerful withdrawal drugs like methadone or suboxone, it is often preferable to individuals who may have become addicted to these withdrawal medications once before. For more information on Illinois holistic drug detox centers please call us at (866) 531-4569 to let us help you find a holistic drug rehab facility in your area.

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