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Holistic Alcohol Rehab

Traditional vs. Holistic Rehab

It is not uncommon for many people who seek traditional forms of alcohol rehab to find to the treatment limited or altogether ineffective. This may be for a multitude of different reasons, but mainly because it does not successfully treat all the underlying problems behind the addiction, but only the symptoms. Also, because addiction is a complicated physical and mental disease, not all 12 step programs will address all the different treatment needs of a diverse population.

Not to say that all traditional rehab programs are ineffective at treating alcohol and drug addictions, but sometimes struggling patients need additional recovery tools and therapies that are not offered in these programs. That’s where Holistic alcohol rehab comes into play.

Differences of Holistic Alcohol Rehab

One of the major differences in a holistic rehab program is that holistic alcohol rehab not only addresses the physical and psychological symptoms of alcohol abuse, but targets the spiritual and emotional symptoms as well. These programs help the patient to enhance the overall health of their mind, body and spirit, so that they are better equipped to overcome their addiction. Holistic alcohol rehab programs are also very effective in treating co-occurring addictions and disorders, which may be contributing to the individual’s addictive state. This is why many holistic rehab centers believe that by treating a patient holistically, can they truly treat the root cause of the addiction, thus increasing the client’s chance of remaining clean over the long term.

Types of Holistic Therapies and Treatments

Holistic alcohol rehab offers many different holistic and natural types of therapies and treatments that often vary according to each rehab facility. Some of these may include spa therapies, yoga, meditation, equine therapy, wilderness, occupational therapies, and spiritual recourses; in addition to traditional addiction therapy, detox and counseling. Not only do these types of therapies help to give the individual a sense of peace and inner fulfillment, but they also work to instill responsibility, accountability while increasing overall self-esteem and confidence.

Benefits of Holistic Alcohol Rehab

Since some types of traditional rehab programs are not enough to help every individual recover from their alcohol addiction, many find holistic alcohol rehab programs sufficient in helping them to fill the void left by their substance abuse. Because holistic alcohol rehab calls for a drastic change in a person’s lifestyle, holistic rehab can help to transform a recovering addict into a thriving, healthy and productive member of society. Also, holistic rehab helps patients to live healthier lifestyles, as well as enhances their physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. If you live in the state of Illinois and are considering visiting an alcohol rehab facility, you may want to check out a holistic alcohol rehab first to see what they can offer you that traditional rehabs cannot.

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