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Inpatient Drug Detox

An individual needs two things to begin drug rehab: a desire to conquer their addiction, and to have completed a proper drug detox program. Whether the individual has struggled with heroin, marijuana, crystal meth, cocaine or even alcohol, the rule remains the same: in order for the rehab process to begin, all the toxins from that drug must be removed from the bloodstream. This process is known as detox (or “detoxification”). Inpatient drug detox refers to those programs where an individual stays at the facility round-the-clock during their detox process.

Why is Detox Such an Important Part of Rehab?

Many people will say, “I’m ready for rehab now! I don’t need to go through detox.” In actuality, it is essential that detox is completed before treatment can begin. That’s because the presence of drug toxins in a person’s system makes them technically under the influence of that drug. And if that’s the case, they are unlikely to make clear-headed decisions about their recovery, and even more likely to relapse.

What’s So Important About Inpatient Drug Detox?

Withdrawal symptoms accompany detox. They may not be life-threatening, but when an individual begins to experience these symptoms they want some around. That someone should ideally be in the form of medical professional at an inpatient facility. While in the care of an inpatient detox program, the individual will have their needs met and their confidence boosted during this difficult time. Without supervision, many people relapse during detox because the withdrawal gets too uncomfortable and the cravings become too great. Inpatient facilities provide medical care and hand-holding during detox.

After Drug Detox, What’s Next?

Once an individual completes drug detox, it is time to move forward with a complete drug treatment program. If the inpatient detox was part of your residential treatment, then counselors and other professionals will inform you about your schedule and what to do next. Most likely, you will be starting group and individual counseling sessions at this point. Remember: detox is not rehab! Cleansing your body of drug toxins is an important step, but now it is time to discuss the psychological reasons behind your addiction. is the online source for inpatient drug detox programs in Illinois. The site also features links to hundreds and hundreds of residential rehab facilities, outpatient programs, sober living homes and more. is an essential guide to available drug treatment resources in the state of Illinois.

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