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Sober Living

Sober living is all about regaining your balance. Sober living homes help individuals find their footing in life as they face the challenges the world presents post-drug rehab or alcohol rehab. For many, there are going to be responsibilities to address and temptations to overcome. The sober living home is a safe, drug-free environment to reside with others who are going through a similar experience. Sober living also re-teaches individuals about responsibility, trust and the need to abide by the rules.

Who should live in a sober living facility?

Sober living exists to help people make the transition from drug rehab to the mainstream world. Sober living facilities are available throughout Illinois for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. When you live in the residence, where you come from is less important than the goal you share with everyone present – complete recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Where are sober living homes located?

Sober living homes can be found in big cities like Chicago, or even small towns throughout rural Illinois. There are no zoning restrictions per se regarding sober living facilities, and many are located in quiet, residential neighborhoods. Sober living homes are generally converted houses, rebuilt to house several residents at the same time.

Are sober living homes safe?

The safety of its residents is a chief concern for those oversee sober living homes. That is why there is such a strict set of rules, and a zero-tolerance policy regarding following those rules. Drug use, violent behavior, unwanted guests and other potential sources for conflict are all strictly banned in the majority of sober living homes. Also, a common misconception regarding sober living facilities is that they are also homeless shelters. This is simply not true. Sober living is dedicated to the sole purpose of the help those who in the process of recovery, post drug rehabilitation, land safely on their feet.

Is sober living expensive?

While a handful of “boutique” sober living homes have popped up across the country, and can cost up to thousands of dollars per month, the large majority of them are inexpensive by design. Rent will often run in the area of $400 – $700 per month, and often financial assistance arrangements can be made if the individual can’t afford that cost.

What about sober living for women?

To help provide an even safer environment, many sober living homes have been created as women-only facilities. This helps women who are attempting to live a sober life in a variety of ways. They do not need to worry about any threatening or intimidating behavior from men, they can gain support from the other women living in the home, and even receive child-care while they are out looking for work or attending after-programs. Space in these women’s sober living facilities is always at a premium, but more and more are opening every day, in Illinois and around the country.

To find a safe, reputable sober living home in Chicago or throughout Illinois, visit This helpful site features links and information on all the top sober living homes throughout the state.

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