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Drug Detox

Although drug detox sounds scary to some, the process is actually a very positive thing. Besides being the first step towards breaking the cycle of addiction, it is also good for the health of the individual. Here is some information to get the individual in a positive frame of mind before beginning drug detox.

Ten Reasons Why Drug Detox Should be Considered a Positive Experience

  1. Drug rehab can’t start without it. Until the drug toxins are completely out of the system, an individual cannot move forward with drug rehabilitation. As long as there are toxins inside the body, there is too great a chance for relapse for drug treatment to be effective.
  2. Drug detox provides a chance for the body to heal. Heavy drug users put their bodies through a great deal of stress. Detox removes the harmful elements from an individual’s system, giving the body the first opportunity it has had in a long time to function properly.
  3. The faster it’s over, the quicker withdrawal symptoms will be over as well. Withdrawal symptoms vary according to the substance abuse, but often include anxiety, sleeplessness, aches and pains, nausea and other uncomfortable maladies. There’s no way to avoid these withdrawal symptoms, but the faster one begins a detox program, the sooner they will be a distant memory.
  4. Drug detox can be performed for almost any substance. Individuals who are addicted to heroin, cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, prescription medications or other drugs can rid them of their system via drug detox.
  5. When you work with a medical professional, they help you through the process. Like other elements of drug rehabilitation, drug detox should be performed with medical professionals present. They will help the individual through the difficult aspects of detox, and provide support if it appears that the individual might be moving towards a relapse.
  6. In-patient detox gives you a chance to rest and focus on your treatment. After a long day of going through the detox process, it is comforting to just sleep at the facility and rest up for another day. Returning home during the process (which would occur during an outpatient drug detox) means interrupting your progress with potential distractions.
  7. Drug detox is an accomplishment. The individual’s journey through drug rehabilitation can be a long one. Along the way, it is helpful to consider each step as an important accomplishment. Completing drug detox is tough, and should be commended, and used as a stepping-stone to build off of moving forward into the rest of treatment.

Drug detox is available in both outpatient and inpatient facilities through Illinois. The individual should find the program type that works best for them, and then start immediately. Many residential programs offer drug detox as a part of the complete drug rehab program, but it is best to check with the institution before signing up. Drug detox is NOT a negative experience! Although there may be some discomfort during the process, the end result is well worth it.

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