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Luxury Drug Rehab

Luxury Drug Rehabs

Not only do luxury drug rehabs only offer some of the highest quality drug rehabilitation care in the country, but they also offer patients a more private and upscale rehabilitation experience. In fact, most private drug rehab centers today are more like resort spas than traditional drug rehab facilities, offering the finest foods, upscale living quarters, full serving business centers, a concierge and much more. Luxury drug rehab clinics also offer some of the newest cutting-edge drug treatment methods, as well as all the standard traditional medical treatments found in any drug rehab across the country. If you live in Illinois and are a celebrity, a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, or just someone who is looking for a more private, upscale drug rehab experience, Illinois luxury drug rehab centers are by far some of the finest in the world.

A Different Treatment Philosophy

One of the main things that set luxury drug rehabs apart are their different treatment philosophies and approaches to dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction. This is because luxury drug rehab is built on the principle that drug rehabilitation doesn’t need to be built on a system of structured punishment in order to work. This “attack therapy” model, once popular in the 50’s and 60’s is one that stresses discipline and structured punishment, instead of a more healing and holistic approach that really gets down to the underlying reasons behind the addiction.

Luxury drug rehabs offer relaxing, spa-like quality accommodations that help their clients feel as comfortable as possible while their getting their treatment. Luxury drug rehabs have gourmet chefs, soothing massages, top of the line fitness centers, and private rooms equipped with everything you need to stay in touch with friends, family, and business associates.

However, even in a luxury setting not every part of getting drug-free will be easy. All patients will have to work hard with their counselors and staff to fully work through their emotional issues and traumas, that are often at the heart of their addictions. The drug detoxification process can also be very unpleasant and requires a lot of inner strength and perseverance.

Innovative Drug Rehabilitation Therapies

Besides offering 5 star food and accommodations, executive drug rehab centers offer some of the latest and most innovative drug rehabilitation care there is. This includes a lot of holistic based treatments that work to get the body back in balance with mind and the spirit. Luxury drug rehabilitation centers also understand that drug and alcohol abuse is often caused by underlying factors that the addicted individual may not even be aware of. One of the main focuses of luxury drug treatment care will be to determine the root cause of the addiction through rigorous physical and psychological analysis, so that they can effectively tackle the addiction right at its core.

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