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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is not an issue that should be taken lightly. Every year, the addiction to drugs and alcohol not only claims thousands of lives, but also irreparably harms the very people they care about most. For both addicts and their families, drug addiction can consume countless years of their lives, not to mention the turmoil that it can cause in one’s only family. If you live in Illinois and are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol you’re not alone. Thousands of Illinois residents suffer from drug addiction, whether it’s the addiction to alcohol, cocaine or heroin, or even addiction to legal prescription pain killers. No matter the type or severity of your addiction, an Illinois drug rehab clinic can help by offering you the treatment, support, and expertise you need to regain control of your life once and for all.

Drug Addiction is a Disease

While drug use is a choice, what’s going on in your brain isn’t always under your control. While it is true that the use of drugs and alcohol is a decision that each person makes, many people don’t realize that their genetics also play a role in how likely they are to develop an addiction. Much like any other chronic illness, drug addiction has a tendency to run in families and can be triggered and influenced by environmental stresses and conditions. Now this doesn’t mean that if your father, or uncle is addicted to drugs or alcohol that you will be too, but it means that there might be a predisposition in your family towards this addiction. While this may not necessarily mean that all of a sudden one day you’re going to feel the incontrollable urge to drink alcohol or do drugs, it does mean that if you start drinking alcohol or doing drugs, you may have a higher tendency to become addicted.

Important to Seek Treatment

Because the addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease, it needs to be treated as such. Just like any other kind of disease, if left untreated, will only continue to get worse and worse. However, many addicted to drugs and alcohol rarely seek the treatment they need, and go on blaming themselves or others for their disease. This is not only dangerous, but self-destructive. Substance abuse is not an addiction that can be overcome by yourself. Drug addiction needs to be treated by a medically trained staff of professionals who have the experience and expertise to treat this disease and get you on the road back to recovery. If you live in Illinois and are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol do not hesitate to contact an Illinois drug rehabilitation facility right away. While the first step is always the hardest step, it is also the most important.

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