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Christian Drug Rehab

Christian Based Drug Rehab

While Christian Drug Rehab centers aren’t for everyone, they can be very meaningful for those looking for religious guidance during their difficult struggle with drugs and alcohol. Christian drug rehab programs helps take the focus off the struggling individual and places it squarely on faith in God and his mercy. These can be very helpful for a recovering drug addict by helping them to let go of all their guilt and resentment their addiction has caused, and placing their attention solely on God. By letting go of these destructive emotions and placing all the attention on Christian principles like forgiveness, mercy, and redemption, struggling drug addicts can learn to forgive themselves and realign themselves back with their creator.

Seeking Forgiveness

One of the major tenants of Christian faith based drug rehab is seeking forgiveness. This means seeking forgiveness from those who they may have hurt with their addiction, forgiving those who may have hurt them, and ultimately seeking forgiveness from themselves. This is because most individuals struggling with drug and alcohol abuse feel a deep sense of guilt, anger, and resentment because of their addiction. They may have a lot of anger towards someone who may have hurt them in the past that may be contributed to their drug abuse, or they may be holding a lot of anger and resentment towards themselves. Because the Christian lifestyle requires the ability to forgive and accept forgiveness, it is central in the Christian drug recovery process.

Stable Loving Environment

While most drug rehab facilities offer a stable and safe environment, Christian drug rehabilitation centers offers that plus a loving environment filled with like-minded Christian individuals. Because of the nature of drug addiction recovery, it can be very helpful for individuals to be around fellow Christians struggling with the same stresses and temptations that they are. This is often one of the most meaningful aspects of Christian drug rehab programs, is to be around other people who are looking to God to help solve their addiction problems. This can help offer much needed consolation, while making them feel loved, appreciated, and valued, regardless of their current circumstances.

What to Expect

A quality Christian drug rehab center will offer many of the same treatments you will find in a traditional drug rehab program including:

  • Physiological and psychological evaluation
  • Medical Detox
  • Cognitive and Behavioral therapy
  • Group and individual counseling
  • Family care programs
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Life Skills training
  • Aftercare planning

Besides these treatments listed above, Christian addiction treatment will also include special recovery tools like Christian recovery bibles and workbooks. Patients will work through these tools with the help of a professionally trained and licensed Christian therapist to help strengthen their recovery. A good Christian rehab program might also blend in the 12 step philosophy and meeting structure based on spiritual self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery to add an extra dimension of support during recovery.

If you live in Indiana and are looking for a good Christian based drug recovery program do not hesitate to call us at (866) 531-4569 to find Christian rehab facilities in your area.

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