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Alcohol Detox

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a serious mental and physical disease that is often associated with serious health problems including liver cirrhosis, various cancers, heart disease, and unintentional injuries. Alcoholism, just like any other disease, usually requires treatment and medicine to help treat the disease. However, one the biggest problems with alcohol addiction, is that many of the people who are addicted do not realize they even have a problem. They continue to drink year after year either blaming themselves for their alcohol addiction, or blaming others that may have hurt them.

Some alcoholics may find it necessary to “hit rock bottom” before ever admitting that they may have a problem. Others may be obsessed with trying to hide their disease from the people they care about, going to great lengths to cover up their alcohol addiction. Others may try to minimize their alcoholism, or try to rationalize it. Others may have tried to stop drinking several times in the past but keep suffering relapses.

Alcohol Detox Programs

If you’re currently struggling with an alcohol addiction, one of the best things you can do to is to visit an alcohol detox program. Alcohol detox centers are specialized environments that use a variety of treatment methods to help individuals struggling with an alcohol addiction. Alcohol rehab facilities are staffed with addiction specialists, medical professionals, and mental health counselors who will work diligently to interrupt the addictive cycle and help you to stop drinking once and for all.

Alcohol Detox

The first step of any treatment plan usually consists of an alcohol detox program. Alcohol detox is a medically supervised program that helps to rid the body of any past traces of alcohol, using a combination of holistic and pharmacological methods. Some drugs that are commonly used in this process are drugs such as Ativan and other benzodiazepines. These drugs help deal with the patient’s mild alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and any pain that may be associated with them. More severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms may be treated with a beta blocker such as propanol. These work to help ease physical withdrawal symptoms and may be mixed with anti-seizure drugs such as tegretol. For the most severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms patients may be given Lidocaine.

Alcohol Addiction Counseling

After the alcohol detox stage has been completed the patient will then start the addiction counseling and behavioral therapy stage of the treatment. This will usually include one on one addiction and behavioral therapy counseling, mixed with psycho education groups that teach the patient about the disease of alcoholism, and how to identify the triggers that lead to it. They also educate the patient on the dangers of alcoholism and methods on how to cope with their issues without the use of alcohol.

If you live in Indiana and are currently struggling with an addiction to alcohol there a plenty of top of the line alcohol detox facilities located all over the state. For more information feel free to call us at (866) 531-4569.

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