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Private Drug Treatment

What Is A Private Drug Treatment Center?

A private drug treatment center is one that is privately owned and operated, as opposed to a state or county run facility. While a publicly funded treatment center generally costs much less than a private facility, they are often set up in over-crowded dormitory settings, and can have lengthy waiting lists. Private drug treatment centers typically offer a cozier and home-like treatment atmosphere, with more a personalized approach. Private rooms also offer patients a semblance of seclusion and anonymity. Many private drug rehab centers offer high-end amenities, such as pools, spas, top-notch cuisine, yoga, etc.

What to Expect From a Private Drug Treatment Center

While the term private drug treatment center may conjure images of celebrities and the wealthy business executives seeking treatment, the truth is that not all private drug rehab centers are the high-end centers frequented by the upper-class. Most private facilities are just well run, privately operated treatment centers that focus on a holistic, personalized approach to drug rehabilitation. People from all walks of life, across all socio-economic statuses enroll in private drug treatment centers.

While not all private drug treatment centers are the same, most private treatment centers pride themselves on the personalized approach to drug or alcohol treatment which often includes:

  • Smaller client size – Most private drug treatment centers keep current patient roles to a smaller size in order to be able to provide more personal attention to each patient.
  • Individually tailored programs – Most private drug treatment centers tailor their treatment programs to fit the circumstances and needs of each patient, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.
  • 24 Hour Medical supervision – Most private drug treatment centers have a high-quality medical staff on hand for medical detox as well as psychiatric counseling.
  • Holistic healing – Most private drug treatment centers offer a holistic approach to treatment and incorporate exercise and nutrition into the treatment programs.

How to Find a Private Drug Treatment Center

To find a private drug treatment center near you, give us a call at (866) 531-4569.

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