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Holistic Drug Treatment

Different Types of Drug Treatments

With all the different types of drug treatment programs available, it can be difficult to decide which one may be best for you. One type of alcohol and drug treatment that is gaining widespread popularity over recent years is holistic drug rehab. Holistic drug rehab is centered around the belief that individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol need treatment that is designed treat their mind, body, and soul, instead of just treating their addiction symptoms. In addition, holistic drug rehab incorporates many other treatments and philosophies such as acupuncture, meditation, nutritional counseling, and various spiritual therapies. Not only are these holistic techniques effective against drug or alcohol addiction, but is something that you can benefit from long after your treatment is over.

Holistic Drug Therapy

Holistic drug treatment is based around two different treatment strategies, cognitive therapy and physical purification. By physically purifying the body of any remnants of drugs or alcohol, the individual will be able to start fresh with a clear head focused on recovery. Holistic drug detoxification often uses medical detox programs that you can find in a traditional rehab facility, but incorporates various other natural detox amplifiers like exercise, sauna treatments, and lots of vitamins.

Holistic drug therapy will also incorporate tons of holistic exercises and therapies into your treatment to strengthen your spiritual and mental capacities. These may include meditation exercises, acupuncture, Tai-Chi, Yoga, weight lifting, and various other disciplines. These will work to provide a proper balance of mind, body and spirit, while helping to realign your energy back on sobriety and recovery. These therapies will help to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and become more physically fit. By achieving this balance, patients are much more likely to respond better to treatment and be more open towards change.

Benefits to Holistic Drug Treatment

Due to the fact that at least half of the 2 million Americans addicted to drugs or alcohol have an underlying mental illness, having a drug treatment model that doesn’t address these issues will simply not be as effective. Because holistic drug rehab not only focuses on the individual’s symptoms of addiction, but the individual’s mental and spiritual health as well, it can often lead to a more sustainable recovery.

The holistic treatment approach also emphasizes a greater sense of peace and calm in the individual’s life, helping them to better understand the underlying reasons behind their addiction, and how to overcome them. Most importantly, holistic drug treatment helps an individual recover from all the negative effects of drug abuse, including the mental, psychological, and spiritual aspects. If you currently live in Illinois and haven’t found much success with traditional drug or alcohol programs, a holistic drug rehab might be the change you need to get sober and sustain your recovery over the long term.

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