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Residential Drug Treatment

Drug treatment is one of the most challenging endeavors an individual will ever face. And going through the addiction treatment process, while still surrounded by negative influences and reminders of previous substance abuse, make it even harder. Enter Residential Drug Treatments – rehab programs that take you away from your daily life, and temporarily relocate you to a private, peaceful location where you can focus entirely on your recovery from addiction.

To illustrate how individuals view residential drug treatment, let’s look at three reasons why people prefer this type of program, and three reasons why they do not:

Three Reasons People Prefer Residential Drug Treatment

  1. A complete program under one roof. When it comes to treatment for addiction, people don’t want to be traveling all over town, going to different clinics and offices in order to complete their treatment. The majority of residential programs offer everything the individual needs in a single location, including: detox, group and individual counseling programs and preparations for after-care.
  2. The peer group. Although some are uncomfortable with it (see below) there is no denying the power of the peer group. Being alongside other people who are struggling with the same issues can be an uplifting, life-changing experience all by itself. Listening to other people tell their stories makes the individual less alone – that there are other people just like them who are willing to provide support.
  3. The discipline. For those who can’t break the cycle of drug addiction on their own, the structure and regimen provided in residential treatment is a godsend. For weeks or months, being told where to go and when to be there frees the individual to focus on their recovery. Rigid schedules also help bring personal responsibility and accountability back into the lives of the recovering addict.

Three Things That Keep People From Residential Drug Treatment

  1. The cost. Residential drug treatment programs can run upwards of several thousand dollars per month. While there are many lower-priced facilities out there, the cost still remains one of the biggest reasons why people opt for outpatient treatment.
  2. The location. Even though a remote location may be beneficial to the treatment process, many individuals can’t simply put up at leave their lives for an extended period time. Even if the drug treatment facility is closer to home, the interruption in schedule (while absolutely crucial to that person’s well being) is too much of a hurdle to clear.
  3. The privacy. Residential treatment is a little bit like a dormitory – individuals live side-by-side with strangers and have to share a communal living space. Also, group sessions mean opening up about some very personal things in front of these same people. While many thrive in settings such as this, there are others who find it as a violation of their privacy.

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